A Cultural Dance for the Solidarity Night


The fish above was formed by compressing colorful circles at the center, which serves as the body or scales, and the head and tail were positioned on both ends. My friend Aubrey (Bimbim) drew the fish’s head and tail while I was the one who colored it. And I love it! That was the last scene of our presentation, representing the town of Cardona, Rizal which is abundant in fishes. It was nice to showcase a culture of a particular town thatbplays an important role in the development of its people and resources.


I was holding the yellow circle on the left side. I looked so serious on that part and I was really enjoying the dance presentation that moment. Despite that I had wrong dance steps my partner and I had trouble on one of the scenes, I still managed to smile and dance (gracefully a bit). At first, I was really nervous because the audience was more than a hundred, it was two or maybe three hundred students and teachers watching us. When we were just having our formation, I heard voices of my classmates from the lower year (I’m a fourth year college student) shouting my name, cheering me to do my best. That became my motivation and strength to even give my best in executing the dance steps, then my nervousness slowly turned into excitement. Note that our adviser was in front of us (me) taking video of our ‘Crash Dance’. I felt so relieved when we finished our presentation and happy at the same time. I even thought that I want to do it one more time without committing any mistakes. I now love to dance!


Aaawwww! How cute! Just kidding! I LOOK fat in this photo! Haha! I can’t accept that. My costume was just over sized Kimona and looonnnnggg skirt, that my waistline was transferred many inches above my navel! I even used secured pins to make it fit to me. Oh, I just can’t forget how troubling it was to wear that costume. But it was worth it. I liked it. Even my face, that became a SCRATCH CANVASS FOR MAKE UP. Ugh. Well, I still lookedcute though. Haha!


Minus Three

Thinking about how I used to be happy— Ooops! I can’t even remember how to be happy. People from back then say that I am a lousy person. Yes I am and still like that. I may be strong but I do cry. I do cry because I am sad. Not because I’m lonely but because I’m alone. Now. I am not happy.


Christmas Thoughts

People say that Christmas is the happiest time  of the year. Well, that’s what other people say. And I mildly disagree. This is the season of giving, reminding us all about the birth of Jesus. Last night, I went to the church with my high school classmates to watch ‘Panuluyan’, a dramatization of how the pregnant Mary and his spouse Joseph traveled and knocked on doors of strangers to ask for a place to stay for the night because Mary was about to give birth. After that play, it was followed by a unique presentation called ‘Lakad ng Parol’. It was such a wonderful view because all the lights are turned off inside the church while lighted hanging Christmas lanterns take parade above everyone. But that was last night. And today is different. I cannot directly say that I hate Christmas, it is the people around me that I hate when Christmas comes. They annoy me, they get drunk, eat too much and bother other people when totally under the influence of alcohol. Well, this is only for me. And yeah, I remember the Grinch.


Sa Tapat ng Room 218

I stand here all alone, waiting for someone whom I don’t know. Not recognizing the face even a bit, still I smiled and waved my hand. Although disappointed by the thought of being ignored, I still assumed that we’re close. So here I stand, still alone, waiting for that stranger to even glance at me.

Nakatayo lang ako sa tapat ng faculty room ng College of Science at hinihintay kong dumating yung isang professor na kailangan ko para pumirma dun sa papeles na pinapaasikaso sakin ng amo ko. Nakaharap ako sa Green Park pero kita ko pa rin yung mga Engineering students na nagkakantahan dun sa may COE Park. Balak yata nilang mangaroling kasi puro kantang pampasko yung kinakanta nila. Tapos napatingin ako dun sa isang pamilyar na mukha, gusto ko sanang kumaway kaya lang baka hindi na nya ako naaalala. Isa sya sa mga taong nag-attempt na maging bahagi ng Philippine Science Consortium Student Chapter sa Morong Campus na kung saan ay naroon din ako. Nakatingin yata sya sa direksyon ko kaya ngumiti ako, pero mukhang hindi nya nakita yun kasi tumungo agad sya tapos kinausap na yung katabi nya. Nakakalungkot isipin na kahit kilala ko na sa mukha at pangalan ang isang tao ay nawawalan pa rin ako ng lakas ng loob na batiin sya o magpakilala ulit at ipaalala na minsan na kaming nakapag-usap. Natatakot kasi akong mapahiya dahil hindi ako papansinin o sabihan ako ng kung anu-anong hindi maganda sa pandinig.


University of Rizal System Pinning Ceremony 2013-2014

July 16, 2013 pa ‘tong event na to na ginanap sa Function Hall ng University of Rizal System. Pinning Ceremony ng mga Fourth Year students na pumasa sa Pre-Board Exam. Wala nga akong sariling Bar Pin kaya nanghiram ako dun sa isang Sped Major na classmate ko dati. Kaming mga nasa unahan ay ang mga Top 10 ng batch namin. Nakataas ang kanang kamay namin habang nanunumpa ng Pledge of a Student yata yun. Ako ang pinakamaliit samin no? At halatang iba ang kulay ng tela ng S.T. Uniform ko kasi hindi ko sya sa school binili. Ampangit ko ngang tingnan eh kasi nakausli pa yung bilbil ko tas nakanguso pa ako! Bakit ba kapag stolen shot ko kelangan ay bad shot?

From left to right: Eleazar, Jessa (me), Katherine, Neil, Tammy, Nino, Dowell, and Steven.
From left to right: Eleazar, Jessa (me), Katherine, Neil, Tammy, Nino, Dowell, and Steven.