This is my sister’s new school shoes and I still don’t have mine. In two weeks, I’ll be spending my days at the university and I’m excited for the Student Teaching. That will be my practicum and I want to look presentable – as a teacher. I am now wondering how will I look during that practicum, what the color of my ST uniform will be, will I be haggard at the first day, will I wear make up, and what will be the design of my shoes.

I remember a quote saying “Good shoes will take you to a good place”. I heard it from a Korean drama series Boys Over Flower, the girl who said that was very elegant and she lend a very beautiful pair of shoe to her unfortunate friend who was literally dumped by the party people.

Until this moment, I’m still holding line in my mind so that I will always be taken to a good place. ❤


Afternoon Sun



DNAngels’ Deoxyribonucleic Acid Model


[From left to right: Niño C., Miracle H., Katherine R., Jessa V., and Ederline O.]

Constructed last December 2013 to January 2014, this DNA model was from various indigenous materials. The double helix was made from two thick wires carefully drawn into a twist. The hexose was also from the same wire but it was harder to bend because of the minimal spaces between the five corners. The Phosphates were the gold Christmas balls that have holes on opposite sides, the wires forming the double helix were inserted on those holes. The bases were chipboards painted with various colors that represented the four nitrogenous bases. Hydrogen bonds were thin wires that were bounded to two bases, forming a pair. The wooden frame was used to support the double helix because it can be deformed and for structural support. The base can be rotated 360° for the convenience of observing the model wit less hassle.

This model requires a lot of patience and creativity from our group. It was an advantage that each one of us had various ‘specialty’ in terms of arts and crafts. Long perseverance, skillful hands and imaginative minds were all that we needed so came up with this.

There was also a behind story between the different groups, and that thing made me realize how important cooperation and loyalty are.



He snores at night and coughs by day

He watches at home and hammers at work

He consoles others and pities himself

He wants some shorts but got a shoe

He wants to eat but don’t have food

He wants to rest but has to work

He loves his family deep inside

He loves himself to love others

He loves me because I’m his child

He’s Noel. He’s my father. He’s the man.


EXO Overdose Music Video (Korean Version)

The music video of EXO’s ‘Overdose’ is opened!
With greater performance and even more addictive music, EXO is coming back with the new mini album.


A Letter to the Noblest


Hello Maa’m. Hello Sir. Hello to all the Professors out there. To all educators, mentors, teachers, and facilitators, no matter how you are called, this is to all of you. Especially to Maa’m Rina, Maa’m Annette, and Sir Tia.

I hope that you can read this letter because I’m not sure if I have the courage to say this to all of you in person. I’m shy and I respect you. The three of you molded me to a developed person, a human being, and an educator like all of you, I guess, only you could say it and I’m willing to hear it.

I know this is in advance but I want to thank you. Thank you for all the efforts of making me, my classmates and other students to understand the lesson, life, and even ourselves. Thank you for the faith you have given us, you believed that we can make it (that I can make it soon), and you guided us with your gentle hands to take the proper path of this long course (that will be five years for me). Thank you for being a teacher, a parent, and a friend. You have disciplined me in many things (although you can’t always see it), made me learn about my mistakes, and made me realize that I need to be a good citizen of the society where I live (this line sounds somewhat familiar). And I’m currently working on it.

To give you gifts or to treat you a meal in Thunderbird (even this letter) are not enough to show how grateful I am (still, I’ll treat you when I’m employed in the near future), but I promise you one thing – I will do my best to achieve your dream for every student (this is what I thought about) – to attain success and keep my feet on the ground. I will never forget all of you when I reach that.




Jessa Valerio




I hope that someday, I will be inside the same room with the three of you, not as a student, but a co-teacher. I’ll work hard.



Three Days Worth of Walk

             This trip was really unforgettable for me. One of the reasons was the thing about me being able to ride an airplane for the first time in my 20 years of existence in this world! And  It was really a new experience for me. I’m not kidding and I was really afraid when the plane was about to take off, I felt my knees tremble and my palms became sweaty cold. And when the plane was high soaring up, my tummy felt like there were hundreds of butterflies inside it, so good I did not vomit inside the plane, it will be embarrassing. In Cebu City, we traveled from town to town to visit various churches, unfortunately, some of them are under reconstruction because of the earthquake that ruined them. Most of the churches in that place were hundred years of age and was built decades ago. I saw the cracks and the ruins of some belfries, a proof that the quake was so devastating. Seeing the cracked buildings, roads,  and some homeless individuals made me realize that I was lucky enough to not experience a terrible thing like that. despite I cannot help them through material things, a prayer will always be powerful. Now, the people of Cebu were doing their best to reconstruct and restore the damaged buildings. I believe that they can surpass that challenge because they have a strong faith to the Creator.

Three days worth of walk is really tiring but at the same time fulfilling.


I love the peace sign yey! Sitting in front of a church was such a nice thing to do. I was only able to see this place on TV, but here I am! 😀


He was standing in front of a church wherein the belfry was being reconstructed.


Most of the churches in the city were greatly damaged by the earthquake last year. Even the church of Sto.Nino was not spared.


The actual image of the Sto.Nino that was brought by the Spaniards from Spain to the Philippines. According to Philippine history books, the king of Spain gave this image to the wife of Haring Humabon (Carlos) and baptized her with the name of Juana from Amihan. The image was said to be miraculous that when the whole tribe was burned, it remained whole.


A detailed carving on cement was beautifully placed on the walls at the back of the church. This was prettier than the ones carved near my place. Filipinos were really talented.


This plaza became the grounds for the holy mass, it was outside the Sto. Nino church which was still under construction. It was filled with hundreds of people that attends the mass.


It is a pain in the heart to see this church like this. It was old and damaged. The cultural heritage of Cebu was threatened by a natural disaster.


The church of Guadalupe, with me in front of course.


This cross of  Tindalo wood encases the original cross planted by Ferdinand Magellan on that very site on April 21, 1521. Amazing. Really. At first, I forgot that we were in Cebu, and also forgot this thing, but there I saw it with my very eyes and not from textbooks or internet.

(Dates of Visit: April 10-12, 2014)