Can’t Find One Yet

Hooray! I completed all the  required units for my college degree! But the sad news is that I still have to wait for my graduation ceremony in April, aw, too many months to wait.

Another bad thing is that I’m a bit stressed this week. No, not just a bit, but rrreeeaaalllyyy stressed. I’ve been looking for a job vacancy that is somewhat related to my course, but I cannot find one! Huhuhu! I traveled back and fort just to find out that they urgently needed my Transcript of Records but I cannot provide that because I have not yet graduated. Sigh.

Tomorrow, I’ll go to a Hospital and apply for an office work. If I’ll be accepted, I think it’s inclined in my course because it’s a hospital, and I’m a Biological Sciences major student. Lastly, I love Human Anatomy and Physiology.