Held at Joaquin Guido Elementary School yesterday, December 18, my youngest sibling, Mark Angelo, also known as Makmak, performed a dance presentation at their school grounds. His partner was Ren Rose, a pretty girl, for me. And my brother is a big BOY now 😀 Makmak is the fourth son of my parents. He hates being watched during his school activities, and it was so good that he didn’t resist when I took pictures of him on their second dace. You see the smile on his face? It was forced XD. The mother of his partner told him to smile.

1517490_10204411299235907_2766345809645201771_n 1978815_10204411299195906_6705600080357667679_n 10343003_10204411347837122_5333382388408894683_n 10346515_10204411331636717_1744157583210532390_n 10430919_10204411313036252_5001910687063576061_n 10805719_10204411331596716_6348644578030366043_n 10847851_10204411309156155_8346740273134881753_n 10847903_10204411910491188_6218159261229525567_n 10850005_10204411391798221_3568083390106060917_n

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