Two things happened to me this day – a negative and a positive one. I’ll tell the positive one first. I was finally able to avail KPOP Passport from the Philippine Kpop Convention Inc. today and I got my first stamp during the First Kpop Garage Sale and Open Stage 2015 which is currently happening today until 5 pm. I’ve been chasing for PKCI staffs for about a month and I was always being at the end of the line during their distributions, so I went early to the event and was finally able to get one. 😀


But the bad news for me was not being able to get a chance to win raffle tickets for the upcoming Big Bang [Made] Concert. This was another event today held by Globe and Pulp Live World that I also visited. And the tickets sale was like a bullet train for me. It was so fast that I’m starting to be afraid of not availing even the General Admission ticket.


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