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A blooper of the short film DAGOK made by Batch 2009-2010 IV-1 Students of Angono National High School. They were from the Group 5. This was made as an academic requirement for their MAPEH subject.

Oooopppss!!! I was a member of Group 5. I was the writer, director, and *insert poker face* one of the actresses. If you could just wwatch the entire film, you may laugh your heart out because of my bad acting. I was a child with cerebral palsy, yeah sadly.

Although the story was common, I still put my heart into it. I want myself to be really indulge in it, may it be while I was writing it or when I was acting it.

I miss my group mates here. We seldom see each other because of our busy lives. Oh, this was taken five years ago. So, if you would notice, my body was like a bamboo. I was so PAYAT that time. >___<

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