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The Annual Retreat of all the employees of Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School was held at St. Michael’s Retreat House in Antipolo from October 26 to 28.

This year’s retreat was focused more on diad and group sharing. The retreat master, Father Ador(able), wanted us to name our Stresses, Ill Feelings, and Attachments. While talking to my partner, I learned that that person also experiences and feels my situation, we almost had the same thoughts. There were things that cleared my mind and answered my questions, but I realized that even more questions occupied my thoughts now.

I came to a realization that I should not give up on the things I love and those that I wanted to do. But there’s something that’s hindering me from doing that – fear. Fear that I know where it’s coming but I don’t want to admit.

Thanks to the people I’ve talked to. I just really need someone to air out my thoughts that’s been buried for a long time.

I hope that we find our happiness and let go of the attachments that causes us stress and ill feelings. I also hope that this kind of sharing won’t be the last for us.

Photo Credits to Sir Rohn. 😀