KPOP · Seventeen

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) – KIDULT (어른 아이) [Empty Arena] Concert Audio

Credits to: AvocaChaeng Concerts on Youtube

So I was searching for Seventeen’s Kidult live performance but there was no available video on Youtube so I thought that they haven’t performed it live yet. But I came across this one which is really amazing! It gives me the feeling of being in a concert with Seventeen. It is a pleasure to the ears. You better put on your earphones and close your eyes while listening to it so you can really feel that you are in Seventeen’s concert.

This song is my new favorite. In fact, it has been on loop on my playlist ever since its release. I listen to it almost the whole day, even when I’m baking, cooking, even taking the shower, and before going to bed. Although I don’t really understand the lyrics without reading its English translation, I can feel the emotion the song (and the boys) want to convey.

I especially like every part that Seokmin sings, not just because he is my bias, but because I think he has the most beautiful parts and lines on this particular song. I feel the flutter of butterflies in my stomach everytime I listen to him singing.

This video makes me wanna go to their concert again. I think I’ll cry when I hear this live. So bad I can’t even watch their upcoming online CaratLand.

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