Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips Cover by Eric Nam

I was astounded by Eric Nam’s voice. I’ve been seeing his name on Facebook and YouTube but I never thought that his voice would be that angelic. The lyrics were different from the ones you can look up on the internet, it could really reach someone’s heart and be emotional from the start of hearing the song. And his rendition is reaaly something.

I first heard Eric’s voice in his song Heaven’s Door, which my sister recommend.

As for my own understanding, the song goes like letting go someone you love, because that someone wants to get away from your foolishness and selfish ways.

“Though it kills me to say it now, baby I’ll get over you.” These were the last lines of the songs, and my favorite too.

Emeged. (Oh my God). I kept repeating the song for the nth time. I heard the original song but I was more caught in Eric’s cover because it is in English language and I can really understand it. By the way, I really want to learn Korean language the fastest as possible so that I could understand the songs I want to listen to without getting the hassle of browsing wrongly translated Korean-English lyrics.

Oh, I’ll make my own cover of the song, I just hope that it won’t cause rain!



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EXO The Lost Planet Concert has been successful in Seoul and Hong Kong, and one of it’s upcoming destination is here, Philippines. The ticket prices are expected to be Php. 7,000.00 to Php. 13,000 (156 USD to 289 USD), which is really expensive. Since it’s only two months away before the concert, I don’t think I can raise an amount that can reach that price. It’s hard since I’m just a college student and has no source of extra money. But I really want to attend the concert and see the boys personally. I just wish that there will be cheaper prices of tickets so that I, and other less fortunate, can have the opportunity to watch the concert. Fighting for me! ❤ 😀

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EXO Overdose Music Video (Korean Version)

The music video of EXO’s ‘Overdose’ is opened!
With greater performance and even more addictive music, EXO is coming back with the new mini album.


[PIC] ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ Official Poster – Baekhyun




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