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Back from Hiatus: What Happened to Me?

I’m back!😁


More than a year has passed and I’m finally able to post something here on my blog. I’ve been very with teaching and photography that’s why I can’t catch up with writing hehe. So I’ll be updating few things about what happened to me during my so called ‘hiatus’.

Last school year was a blast and I’ve had the best set of students and parents. They were very loving and supportive. So many have happened and we’ve made different sorts of memories together. During the first months with them, they always follow the rules, but as we get closer to each other, they become hard headed, the usual kind of students. They made me angry, annoyed, made me shout, made me almost (but I didn’t) cry. Despite that, they made up for what they’ve done -cleaned the classroom willingly for almost (just) a week and  prepared a surprise to reconcile with me. And oh, I love their letters and fanarts of my faceeeee.😂 I’ll be uploading photos of them before I meet my new set of students.


Regarding my travel stories, we went to Batangas last May 2018 and I was able to see Taal Volcano up close (sort of😅) nah it’s still far😅. But the roads going there were scary because of rerouting so we had to pass through a very narrow road with sharp curves that are almost 70-90 degrees inclined😱! (don’t know if I explained it well😅).


I also had the chance to travel to Bohol and ride a plane since my first time last April 2014. I saw the famous Tarsier and Chocolate Hills, we even went to Panglao beach and did island hopping. I wish to get back there ASAP!😁😎


My latest travel was in Bataan and Batangas. We went to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar where you can fund old Filipino houses that was bought by Mr. Jerry Acuzar from different parts of the country and transferring it to Bataan piece by piece – I’ll explain further on my next post hehe 😉. We also enjoyed the island hopping. 😎


On the other hand, we went for a swim in Laiya, Batangas and we’ll be coming back there this May 28.


These days, I’m busy watching Korean dramas like He is Psychometric, Waikiki Season 2, Her Private Life, and The Abyss.  I’m also having trouble with sleeping, and I’m worried because school will start within two weeks and my biological clock isn’t working properly. I think I need to go camping and leave my phone to adjust my sleeping habits huhu.💔

This is it for now. I’ll be posting more details of my ‘adventures’ I was in my hiatus.😊



I got married last December 2017❤ and gained a lot of weight💔!




Here are more photos of what I did during my break. 😁🙋


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We had a wonderful summer trip at Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora, Philippines last April 1-3, 2016. 😀 😀 😀 Surfing is indeed famous in this place but I was not able to try it. Gotta add more photos and stories about this when I get back. 😀




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Just pretend that you don’t see the messy hair. >____<

After five looooonnnnngggg years, finally, graduation is just a day away from me! LD Saranghae mentors, family, friends,  classmates, and God. 😀 🙂 ❤



Picture1Happy Anniversary to me and to my WordPress Account! Just saying thank you to everyone who reads my posts and liked it. Spread love ❤


Third Wheel

Third Wheel.


Do you know what’s coming?


Maybe yes, maybe no. I was just a little excited about the fact that Lenten Season will be at it’s peak in the coming weeks. We will be reminded about the things that happened to Jesus Christ when he was suffering. He carried the cross with much effort to save us from our sins. He was crucified. Few people remember that, maybe because of guilt, intention of forgetting, and some just don’t care about it. At this point in time, we should be asking ourselves about the things that made Him suffer like that, our unending sins, and the most important, we should be acting to return the favor to our Savior – repent.


Christmas Thoughts

People say that Christmas is the happiest time  of the year. Well, that’s what other people say. And I mildly disagree. This is the season of giving, reminding us all about the birth of Jesus. Last night, I went to the church with my high school classmates to watch ‘Panuluyan’, a dramatization of how the pregnant Mary and his spouse Joseph traveled and knocked on doors of strangers to ask for a place to stay for the night because Mary was about to give birth. After that play, it was followed by a unique presentation called ‘Lakad ng Parol’. It was such a wonderful view because all the lights are turned off inside the church while lighted hanging Christmas lanterns take parade above everyone. But that was last night. And today is different. I cannot directly say that I hate Christmas, it is the people around me that I hate when Christmas comes. They annoy me, they get drunk, eat too much and bother other people when totally under the influence of alcohol. Well, this is only for me. And yeah, I remember the Grinch.