The Green Flower

IMG2514A IMG2515A IMG2536A IMG2534A

This was one of my favorites . I used oil pastel on canvass. Haha, it’s not actually a canvass, it’s just a cheesecloth I bought from a nearby bakery. I love the color because it is soothing to the eyes.


The Foot and The Ear

  2013-05-16 23.59.59 2013-05-17 00.00.212013-05-17 00.00.10 2013-05-17 00.00.58

Drawn by *coughs* me and my classmate, Bimbim, last summer as a token of appreciation for our thesis group’s panelist. I drew the one with mostly yellow colors while she drew the ones with darker hues. Ever since high school, we’ve been fond of drawing and coloring things together, especially using oil pastels as our medium. It’s actually fun having someone who does the same interest as mine.

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