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This was my entry for Seventeen’s #캐식대칩 #CARAT_Cookfest on Weverse.

I remember watching the Vocal Team had their mukbang race here in the Philippines and I can’t forget how Seokmin loved Binagoongan. So here is a modified version, instead of pork, I used seafood, specifically squid. and it was already mixed with rice. I hope they try cooking this recipe so that Seokmin can taste it. 😊 🥰🍀


1 bulb white onion, minced
5 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 cup shrimp paste
1/4 tbsp crab paste
1 cup sliced squid
1/2 cup shredded corn
1/4 cup green peas
1/2 cup cubed carrots
6cups cooked rice
3 tbsp cooking oil
1/2 tsp ground pepper


  1. Heat the frying pan and cooking oil.
  2. Sauté onion and garlic.
  3. Add the shrimp paste then the crab paste.
  4. Mix in the sliced squid, green peas, corn, ground pepper, and carrots until cooked on medium heat.
  5. Pour in the rice then mix it thoroughly with the other ingredients under low heat.
  6. Serve and enjoy!

Seokmin, you better taste this. 😊
석민, 당신은 더 나은 맛이.😊

Link to video:

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SEVENTEEN – Fallin' Flower Lyrics

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) – Fallin’ Flower (舞い落ちる花びら) Lyrics

Mai ochiru hanabira ni wa
dare mo te wo nobasanai
Kanashimi ga mazattayona
tsumetai egao no mama

Yurari mai kaze no mama ni
Yurari mai ochita kokoro no
tadori tsuku saki wa ima yori wa mada atatakai ka na

Natsu ni mo taete ko sameni nurete
Dareka no tame ni chiritai nante
Setsuna ni iki tetakedo kimi to wa ai so subete ni wa
Ima ga aru koto wo shittanda

Kimi e to mai ochite ku yo ima sugu aitai
Itsuka kitto kimi ga boku no kokoro ni

Watashi wa hana (watashi wa hana)
watashi wa hana
Kireina hana wo sakaseru
to shinjite irukara fallin
fallin fallin fallin
fallin fallin yeah
Kimi ni ima fallin
fallin fallin fallin
fallin fallin yeah

Watashi wa hana
watashi wa hana
Kimi ni ima fallin
fallin fallin fallin
fallin fallin yeah

Yoba retara my leaf fallin
Atatakana mune ni
Boyake teta mirai mo
Kimi to deatte senmei ni naru

Yurari mai kaze no mama ni
Yurari mai ochita kokoro no
tadori tsuku saki wa sekai de ichiban

Aozora mitsume moichido saite
Dareka no subete Mi naritain da
Setsuna ni iki tetakedo
Kimi to wa ai so subete ni wa
Ima ga aru koto wo shittanda

Hana saki chiru ma ni kizu ei me wa deru
Bokura wa saisho de saigo no
ima wo ikite iru nda yo
Dakara kimi yo atarimae nante omowanai
Kou na boku wo aishite kuretakara

Kimi e to mai ochite ku yo
Ima fallin fallin fallin
fallin fallin
fallin yeah

Kimi ni ima fallin
fallin fallin fallin
fallin fallin yeah

Watashi wa hana
watashi wa hana
Kimi ni ima fallin
fallin fallin fallin
fallin fallin yeah

Writer(s): Bumzu, Park Kitae, Woozi

I edited some parts, especially the lyrics near ending of the song. Don’t hesitate to comment if there are corrections so I that I can update it.💎💐 Thank you to those who helped me correct some lyrics.


Download the mp3 on:

Lyric credits to:


Kai Kai

Kai is our beloved dog, a Shih tzu. He likes to play and wag his tail. He loves drinking milk and eating bacon. He also eats ice cream and ice candy.😁


Was This Really Me?

Five years ago, I wrote this thing and opened it in the Drafts folder today. I wonder what happened to me before and did I really say this to myself? Maybe I was too negative when I was younger and I don’t wanna be like that again (I’ll do my best).

The world is too small for me. I’ve been living like a coward, afraid to face people and myself. I’m afraid of others that they’ll pick on me and insult me, and to myself who will compare the very me to those ‘others’. I don’t know how people look at me. I don’t even know if they’re even looking at me. In this, I’m gonna let out some steam.

I’m a miserable person, don’t you think? It’s not much obvious but I am.




I found this draft that was made five years ago.


He’s our dog Gwapo. His name means ‘handsome’. But he’s dead now and I don’t remember the year or month he died.🙁💔 We always remember and miss him.

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Back from Hiatus: What Happened to Me?

I’m back!😁


More than a year has passed and I’m finally able to post something here on my blog. I’ve been very with teaching and photography that’s why I can’t catch up with writing hehe. So I’ll be updating few things about what happened to me during my so called ‘hiatus’.

Last school year was a blast and I’ve had the best set of students and parents. They were very loving and supportive. So many have happened and we’ve made different sorts of memories together. During the first months with them, they always follow the rules, but as we get closer to each other, they become hard headed, the usual kind of students. They made me angry, annoyed, made me shout, made me almost (but I didn’t) cry. Despite that, they made up for what they’ve done -cleaned the classroom willingly for almost (just) a week and  prepared a surprise to reconcile with me. And oh, I love their letters and fanarts of my faceeeee.😂 I’ll be uploading photos of them before I meet my new set of students.


Regarding my travel stories, we went to Batangas last May 2018 and I was able to see Taal Volcano up close (sort of😅) nah it’s still far😅. But the roads going there were scary because of rerouting so we had to pass through a very narrow road with sharp curves that are almost 70-90 degrees inclined😱! (don’t know if I explained it well😅).


I also had the chance to travel to Bohol and ride a plane since my first time last April 2014. I saw the famous Tarsier and Chocolate Hills, we even went to Panglao beach and did island hopping. I wish to get back there ASAP!😁😎


My latest travel was in Bataan and Batangas. We went to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar where you can fund old Filipino houses that was bought by Mr. Jerry Acuzar from different parts of the country and transferring it to Bataan piece by piece – I’ll explain further on my next post hehe 😉. We also enjoyed the island hopping. 😎


On the other hand, we went for a swim in Laiya, Batangas and we’ll be coming back there this May 28.


These days, I’m busy watching Korean dramas like He is Psychometric, Waikiki Season 2, Her Private Life, and The Abyss.  I’m also having trouble with sleeping, and I’m worried because school will start within two weeks and my biological clock isn’t working properly. I think I need to go camping and leave my phone to adjust my sleeping habits huhu.💔

This is it for now. I’ll be posting more details of my ‘adventures’ I was in my hiatus.😊



I got married last December 2017❤ and gained a lot of weight💔!




Here are more photos of what I did during my break. 😁🙋


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Powerrrrr!!!☝ LK!!!!!😂 Babies!😘


That was our first (informal) class picture, taken last August 25, 2017. Unfortunately, three of them were absent during thay day. These students were my third advisory class since I started teaching. And it has been my tradition *sort of* to have a picture with them, taken with a polaroid or an instax camera so that I can keep it and bring it everyday. I put the polaroid film at the back of my ID so that I can always see it. 💜💕

See our hands? We did the LK sign using our fingers. Did you see me? 😂 Hahaha I blended well with their heights or I just became too obvious because I’m short. 

Usually, I always want to call their section’s name ‘LK’ for no reason. I just feel assured that they were there, with me, listening to me, especially when they respond to me. Except when they’re too noisy. 

Being their new *and sudden* class adviser was a challenge to me, not because I was a new teacher in school but because I was afraid that they won’t like me and won’t accept me as their new teacher. I don’t want to repeat the past wherein the students and I were not able to adjust with one another. With this reason, I promised myself that I will love them and take care of them, hoping that it would be reciprocated. 

I know they still miss their previous adviser, and I know more how she feels, I understand how hard it is to leave your dear students, it was like a heartbreak. I’ve experienced it too. Last school year, I was torned between my needs and wants. I need to transfer to another school but I also wanted to be with my students. But in the end, I chose my needs and ended up being separated to them. Until now, I still wonder how they’ve been doing, if they’re missing me and thinking of me too.

I’ve chosen a *slightly* different path now and I know that I’ll be happy with them. *LK and the other sections*. I just hope that I can also become one of the plenty of reasons why why students smile. 😊💕

I’ll live up in the present, prepare for the future, and look back in the past but won’t dwell in it.

Hahaha apir sa makakabasa nito. 😂😊☝

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Halata ba? 😂

Halata ba? Ewan ko, siguro oo, siguro hindi. Hehe ano nga ba yung halata? Haha wait, iisipin ko muna. 😂😂😂

Eh kasi teacher na ulit ako! Sobrang turong-turo ako nung bakasyon, gusto ko nang msgsuot ng uniform, humawak ns chalk at marker, magbahagi nung mga nababasa ko, at ang pinakaimportante, ay gusto ko nang kumausap ng mga estudyante. 😂😂😂 Hehehe ewan ko ba, nakaka-stress sila minsan pero mas madalas na sobrang saya ko pag kasama sila sa klase, kahit nga sa canteen o sa corridor. 😂😂😂

Haha so eto na nga, halata ba? Na ansaya-saya ko pag nagkaklase ako, kahit na naiinis ako minsan, palagi pa rin akong lumalabas na masaya. 😂😘 Haha wag lang silang masyadong maingay o kaya hindi gagawa ng mga activities, tsaka wag makakalimutan yung salitang ‘Respeto’. 🙏

May karugtong pa ‘to kasi bitin eh, tas kulang pa yung mga pictures. Halata ba? 😂😂😂



Nasagot ko na pala yung tanong sa walang sagot sa tanong na post ko nung January. NAkakalungkot perong humindi na ako. Umalis ako, iniwan ko sila.

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I’m gonna miss you.

Thank you for two years of wonderful memories. I will miss you all. Till we cross paths again.