Grade 6 na sila! :D

These photos Β were taken last August 26, 2016 at our school during the celebration of ‘Buwan ng Wika at Kasaysayan’. They were so cute and adorable although they’re in the stage of being playful adolescents. I miss teaching these students and I wanted to be with them again for a longer time.Β 14115645_10208708738069192_5939804280792844635_o

L-R: ME πŸ˜€ , John Patrick, Lance, Alex, and Fevn. πŸ˜€


Sophia came and joined us. πŸ˜€14114982_10208708714388600_677249428828265484_o

Haha Lance! πŸ˜€14124336_10208708709188470_8210934302372932352_o14125086_10208708709948489_4562565600202546152_o14138701_10208708712588555_264847481205407545_o

Ang epic ng mukha mo dito, Fevn. XD