Christmas Party!!!


It may not be a perfect Christmas Party but it was the best. Not because of the gifts and food, not because of the (unfinished) games and surprises but because of sharing and giving. I love how these (my) children (babies) hugged me on that day, the the smiles they showed were uniquely beautiful and true.

Having 5-Piety as my advisory class is one of the greatest blessing God has given me. 🙂









Just pretend that you don’t see the messy hair. >____<

After five looooonnnnngggg years, finally, graduation is just a day away from me! LD Saranghae mentors, family, friends,  classmates, and God. 😀 🙂 ❤

Three Things to Consider

These are just few of the things I consider personally in my life and it’s *somehow* useful.

1. Be angry when you really are and when you need to.

Some people have short tempers and cannot handle it properly. They may come in outburst and shouts often. Being mad is not bad, it is just being true to yourself and to others. Showing that kind of your side may seem negative but this will give people the idea that you are not afraid to show your real personality and that you are capable of handling the consequences. With this, you can gain someone’s trust and affection – by comforting you in some ways. Just be reminded to count off before blasting and then tell them how you feel – about yourself, themselves and their doings. A boiling water in a kettle will whistle to release some hot air.

2. Laugh and smile when you’re happy.

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Sort of a foggy idea but laughter do make someone feel lighter and happier. When we smile, there are enzymes triggered to reduce stress or negative vibes within us. It is best to show happiness by smiling and laughing. Even small things can make us happy and show our dazzling teeth and pink gums, and even the dimples. A happy personality is the best asset to attract new friends that will accept you as you are. Remember, laughter is contagious, so spread happiness by stretching your lips into crescent moons or big A’s.

3. Love the people around you.

Even you’re mad or happy, just always love the people who are always there by your side. When you’re happy, you’ll look for the person you love the most, but when you’re sad, you’ll look for the person who loves you the most. I just read that somewhere on Facebook. Well, it is indeed true for me. Treat them right and they’ll do the same to you. But always remember that life isn’t fair, so stay as you are, and you’ll deserve something worthy.