Back from Hiatus: What Happened to Me?

I’m back!😁


More than a year has passed and I’m finally able to post something here on my blog. I’ve been very with teaching and photography that’s why I can’t catch up with writing hehe. So I’ll be updating few things about what happened to me during my so called ‘hiatus’.

Last school year was a blast and I’ve had the best set of students and parents. They were very loving and supportive. So many have happened and we’ve made different sorts of memories together. During the first months with them, they always follow the rules, but as we get closer to each other, they become hard headed, the usual kind of students. They made me angry, annoyed, made me shout, made me almost (but I didn’t) cry. Despite that, they made up for what they’ve done -cleaned the classroom willingly for almost (just) a week and  prepared a surprise to reconcile with me. And oh, I love their letters and fanarts of my faceeeee.😂 I’ll be uploading photos of them before I meet my new set of students.


Regarding my travel stories, we went to Batangas last May 2018 and I was able to see Taal Volcano up close (sort of😅) nah it’s still far😅. But the roads going there were scary because of rerouting so we had to pass through a very narrow road with sharp curves that are almost 70-90 degrees inclined😱! (don’t know if I explained it well😅).


I also had the chance to travel to Bohol and ride a plane since my first time last April 2014. I saw the famous Tarsier and Chocolate Hills, we even went to Panglao beach and did island hopping. I wish to get back there ASAP!😁😎


My latest travel was in Bataan and Batangas. We went to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar where you can fund old Filipino houses that was bought by Mr. Jerry Acuzar from different parts of the country and transferring it to Bataan piece by piece – I’ll explain further on my next post hehe 😉. We also enjoyed the island hopping. 😎


On the other hand, we went for a swim in Laiya, Batangas and we’ll be coming back there this May 28.


These days, I’m busy watching Korean dramas like He is Psychometric, Waikiki Season 2, Her Private Life, and The Abyss.  I’m also having trouble with sleeping, and I’m worried because school will start within two weeks and my biological clock isn’t working properly. I think I need to go camping and leave my phone to adjust my sleeping habits huhu.💔

This is it for now. I’ll be posting more details of my ‘adventures’ I was in my hiatus.😊



I got married last December 2017❤ and gained a lot of weight💔!




Here are more photos of what I did during my break. 😁🙋



Grade 6 na sila! :D

These photos  were taken last August 26, 2016 at our school during the celebration of ‘Buwan ng Wika at Kasaysayan’. They were so cute and adorable although they’re in the stage of being playful adolescents. I miss teaching these students and I wanted to be with them again for a longer time. 14115645_10208708738069192_5939804280792844635_o

L-R: ME 😀 , John Patrick, Lance, Alex, and Fevn. 😀


Sophia came and joined us. 😀14114982_10208708714388600_677249428828265484_o

Haha Lance! 😀14124336_10208708709188470_8210934302372932352_o14125086_10208708709948489_4562565600202546152_o14138701_10208708712588555_264847481205407545_o

Ang epic ng mukha mo dito, Fevn. XD

Three Things to Consider

These are just few of the things I consider personally in my life and it’s *somehow* useful.

1. Be angry when you really are and when you need to.

Some people have short tempers and cannot handle it properly. They may come in outburst and shouts often. Being mad is not bad, it is just being true to yourself and to others. Showing that kind of your side may seem negative but this will give people the idea that you are not afraid to show your real personality and that you are capable of handling the consequences. With this, you can gain someone’s trust and affection – by comforting you in some ways. Just be reminded to count off before blasting and then tell them how you feel – about yourself, themselves and their doings. A boiling water in a kettle will whistle to release some hot air.

2. Laugh and smile when you’re happy.

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Sort of a foggy idea but laughter do make someone feel lighter and happier. When we smile, there are enzymes triggered to reduce stress or negative vibes within us. It is best to show happiness by smiling and laughing. Even small things can make us happy and show our dazzling teeth and pink gums, and even the dimples. A happy personality is the best asset to attract new friends that will accept you as you are. Remember, laughter is contagious, so spread happiness by stretching your lips into crescent moons or big A’s.

3. Love the people around you.

Even you’re mad or happy, just always love the people who are always there by your side. When you’re happy, you’ll look for the person you love the most, but when you’re sad, you’ll look for the person who loves you the most. I just read that somewhere on Facebook. Well, it is indeed true for me. Treat them right and they’ll do the same to you. But always remember that life isn’t fair, so stay as you are, and you’ll deserve something worthy.

I Can’t Graduate This March

I heard that college life was the worst stage in studying. Well, I guess not and I guess so.

School year 2010-2011 was my first year in college and I enrolled as a student of Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Content Courses, which means that I have to teach kids. It was hard for me to pursue that thing because I don’t really liked my major. I passed the Qualifying Exam for Sophomores with that major but then I really want Biology. What I did was a great turning point for me that time – I turned down the major and joined the students who failed to take a retake examination. The good news after almost six months was that I passed the Biological Sciences Major.

Being aware of the risks and consequences of college life, I prepared myself that I have to stay in college for five years and I have to be an Irregular Student for more than half of my stay! At first, it was so depressing because I have to plead for teachers to allow me to take their classes, face the terror registrar personnel and expect low grade. But I was wrong. That irregularity brought me to a new horizon. I didn’t regret my decision of shifting my major. I gained new friends from different year levels and field of majors, I was even recognized by certain loving and true teachers. Those teachers motivated me to be strong despite I can’t graduate this March. They gave me advices and ‘personal touch’ in my teaching practices and attitudes.

I cannot forget my classmates who were also my friends. There were times that I’d rather want to go to school rather than to go hoe because of them. I know they’ll be leaving but there will be some who will be left just like me but will still be happy. March will always be there and I know I’ll graduate soon. I will be just a step behind them and later on I’ll leap to get ahead and be happier than this.

Don’t Go

Title: Don’t Go
Author: jessasmiley
Genre: Angst, Romance
Length: Three Shots + Prologue
Pairing: Kai (EXO) and Krystal Jung (FX)
Word Count: 688

[Prologue: empty vase]

The scent of roses filled the empty room, and he liked it. It was like a drug making him addicted every second he inhales it. His nostrils didn’t get tired of the same whiff he smelled a month ago. Missing that scent so bad made him enjoy the pleasant sensation it gave him. The closed lone window made the smell a prisoner, never letting it out. He bent his knees down on the dust-covered cement that is as cold as ice. He felt alone the very moment his palm touched the floor. The cold feeling instantly reached his heart then went out in his eyes as a saline body fluid. He just cannot bear it, he never can and he never did.

“Kai, are you there?”

There was a continuous knocking on the door. He immediately wiped his tears then stood up. He walked towards the door and opened it but none of his feet stepped out of the room. It was Jean standing in front of him. She was holding in her right hand a large blue paper bag that he doesn’t know the contents. He didn’t notice Jean brought that when they entered the house a few minutes ago.

“We need to leave now come on,” she said as her eyes focused on her brother’s tired looking face. His eye sockets got deeper and the dark circle below it became more obvious, and his sharp jawline even became more prominent and striking – evidences of sleeplessness and weight loss. She pitied him for that.

“Do we really need to? Jean?” His tone was higher than the usual. His eyes were questioning too.

“Yes. This is not our house and no longer hers. I got what I need,” she said as she slightly lifted the paper bag. “Hurry up, I’ll be waiting outside,” then she turned her back and walked away.

He watched her leave until he can no longer see her back.  The behavior her sister showed has reminded him of the person who used to occupy that now empty room – lifting whatever is in her hands then saying ‘hurry up’. He wondered if his sister did that on purpose because she never acted like that before.

Kai just stood there and didn’t move. The door hanged half open in front of him. He used to enter that room before but just once. Of all places, it was the last place he would like to go to but he’s standing inside it now.

He could just remember few details of that room. There was a self-portrait of the owner that used to hang on the white walls of the room. The pink cylindrical porcelain vase on the bedside table was filled with fresh roses picked from the garden pots outside the house, and most importantly, there was a beautiful girl lying on the bed when he entered that room four weeks ago.

“Four weeks ago,” he murmured to himself as he held the doorknob.

“So it’s been that long but you still haven’t showed yourself? Why? Are you hiding from me? You even took all your things and left without a word. You didn’t even told my sister.”

Kai bent his head slowly. “She was your best friend but you—” his voice cracked and gasped.

He felt the sudden pain in his inner chest. He was feeling it again and it hurts more than before. His grip to the knob became tighter. “Ugh, I shouldn’t be here in the first place. I’m leaving,” he said as if there was someone listening to him.“I brought you some roses. Your vase was empty so I just put it there.” Kai held his chest and clutched his clothing near his chest. “Please come back before they wither,” a tear fell from his eyes.

He took a deep breath and made his way outside the room. At his last glimpse, Kai saw the roses he left on the vase at the bedside table. He closed the door and went away. But there was one thing he didn’t notice – a lone synthetic rose hidden beneath the real ones.


The Gray Road

The Gray Road

Roads are paths on which a person goes through to achieve something. It is a symbol for progress and future. No one can know what is at the end of the road unless he will travel to reach it.