Powerrrrr!!!☝ LK!!!!!😂 Babies!😘


That was our first (informal) class picture, taken last August 25, 2017. Unfortunately, three of them were absent during thay day. These students were my third advisory class since I started teaching. And it has been my tradition *sort of* to have a picture with them, taken with a polaroid or an instax camera so that I can keep it and bring it everyday. I put the polaroid film at the back of my ID so that I can always see it. 💜💕

See our hands? We did the LK sign using our fingers. Did you see me? 😂 Hahaha I blended well with their heights or I just became too obvious because I’m short. 

Usually, I always want to call their section’s name ‘LK’ for no reason. I just feel assured that they were there, with me, listening to me, especially when they respond to me. Except when they’re too noisy. 

Being their new *and sudden* class adviser was a challenge to me, not because I was a new teacher in school but because I was afraid that they won’t like me and won’t accept me as their new teacher. I don’t want to repeat the past wherein the students and I were not able to adjust with one another. With this reason, I promised myself that I will love them and take care of them, hoping that it would be reciprocated. 

I know they still miss their previous adviser, and I know more how she feels, I understand how hard it is to leave your dear students, it was like a heartbreak. I’ve experienced it too. Last school year, I was torned between my needs and wants. I need to transfer to another school but I also wanted to be with my students. But in the end, I chose my needs and ended up being separated to them. Until now, I still wonder how they’ve been doing, if they’re missing me and thinking of me too.

I’ve chosen a *slightly* different path now and I know that I’ll be happy with them. *LK and the other sections*. I just hope that I can also become one of the plenty of reasons why why students smile. 😊💕

I’ll live up in the present, prepare for the future, and look back in the past but won’t dwell in it.

Hahaha apir sa makakabasa nito. 😂😊☝