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Presented by the Sab Beda College Rizal’s Student Council and Photography Club, CosMode was held last January 24, 2015 at the St. Bede’s Courtyard during the celebration of the annual Frolics and feast of Sto. Niño. It was my first time to witness a Cosplay event and it was so much fun! Two of the guest judges were professional cosplayer, one was Mark Lester Martinez. I was just a bit saddened because Liui Aquino was not able to attend. He was an acknowledge cosplayer of Hiccup from the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Also, one of my students even joined the event as Ms. Jupiter of Sailor Moon. 🙂 I grabbed the opportunity of taking pictures with them! 😀 I want to keep it not only in my memories but also on photographs 😀 You can see from the photos below my shy smile with them XD 😀 ❤ They were all adorable!

By the way, I am now a teacher at San Beda College Rizal as a high school science teacher. 😀 Being one of the Bedan Family was an honor to me. 😀 ❤


I was with professional cosplayers! 😀 happy ❤


Very cute professional 😀 I hop I made my smile wider here XD


He is a student of San Beda college Rizal. I guess he’s also a professional cosplyer. 😀 He even looks like BTS’s V 😀 (in many, different angles 😀 )


Also one of the participants of the CosMode. Rock and Roll men! 😀